First Steps in Learning How to be a Witch

First Steps in Learning How to be a Witch

How do I become a Witch?

The first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with witchcraft and the religion (Wicca) in general. You must learn to respect the craft before you can master it. You can gain a lot of knowledge by studying articles, book, and journals. Reading books about Wicca will allow you to become competent in the basic elements of witchcraft and basic understanding of its foundations. You need to start to be curious about the earth, creation and the beauty of the sky and the solar system. You need to respect and be one with mother natural and all the amazing elements of the earth.

First Order of Action?

In your book of shadows, on page 1 at the top write down the question “Why do I Want to be a Witch?” and answer it. This book will be your private book of shadows, so it is important to be honest with yourself. You will refer back to this as you learn more about the craft. You will see how your reasons for becoming a witch have stayed the same or changed as you learn more about the craft and the crafts abilities.

Second Thing to Do

Write down in your book of shadows below your reason for becoming a witch the follow phrase. “I will always respect nature and the elements of witchcraft”. At time you will lose site of this, but it is very important to always remember this.

Things to Start to Learn

1. You must start to pay attention to the phases of the moon and your energy levels under each stage. Each moon phase will have a different energy level and your body will respond different to each moon. Your natural vibrations will also be affect by the moon. It is very important to be one with the moon and feel the changes in energy.

2. You must begin to meditate and use meditation to calm yourself and become one with your surroundings. This is going to be a core skill for casting. You will need to learn how to harness the power of the elements of earth (sun, moon, water, fire) and use this power in your casting. You will harness these powers by entering a strong meditative state. You will also be able to feel and interact with the spirit realm in a deep meditative state.

Witchcraft Resources

You can make use of:
other witches
join a Coven
use this online resource: spells of magic

Now you have the basic foundations to start to learn and advance in the ranks of the wiccan world. Remember to be ethical and to use your new found powers for good!

I love spells, witchcraft, learning about ancient cultures, dark arts, and anything powerful that has been lost. As a Professional Psychic/Witch, I enter into a meditative trance to seek the answers to your questions, cast spells and channel different energies. I enjoy making a difference! Enjoy my site!

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